Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Uber downswing, back to the bread and butter.

So since my last post I have gone and uber downswing starting from when i tried to move up in limits. It took my Bankroll all the way down to $300 but I have managed to grind it back to $500 at the moment.

I hope to get a $285 bonus bought and cleared within the next week so I can go back to playin 16-20 tables of 25nl for the two weeks that I wont have any school or anything else on.

During those two weeks I hope to make some significant money by grinding like hell at 25nl and really being disciplined to stay at those limits and make the $25 per hour I know i can make.

As most will know grinding gets tedios after a while so when mr BR hit $300 i decided I needed to play the games that I learnt when i first started poker over a year ago now. Turbo 18 man SNGs!!!. I have been playing the $6.50 and been averaging around $1.5-$2 roi which is very nice seeing as though i play about 10 every hour.

hopefully i will be able to hit the high orbit leader board in the coming weeks and get a nice bonus to go with the FPP ones I will be getting.

Best of luck to me and you!!