Friday, 26 December 2008

Finaly, I make it back to the black for the month.

After a turbulant month that stated with a big downswong and me loosing $300 or so, I have finaly manged to get my month back to even and then change. In toatal im up around $35 which only happened after a very memorable win in a 36 player $3 rebuy satty to the full tilt $750K on sundays.

This win has me buzzing but I think it is smart to take the T$216 instead of playing as that represents around 30% of my toatal bankroll now.

I havent played as much as I had hoped to so far this month and definately not posted here as much as I had hoped to but with time off and nothing to do for a week or so leading up to and just after new year I intend to make up for it all and pawn some donks.

Merry fucking christmas all!!!

Monday, 1 December 2008

November Summary

November was a very nice month for me. I started with $116 in the pokerstars account after going awall again the previous month at the cash tables. This month however i decide that i would take the "fuck cash games sit n go's baby!" approach to things which seems to have wroked out really well for me.

I started off playing $3.40 10 person turbo sit n go's. This was my little jem, i managed to play 100 in a week and get the best score on the high orbit Battle of the planets leaderboard aswell as 43rd on the low orbit leaderboard. This netted me a cool $310 bonus and a ticket to the $50k shootout freeroll but we will get to that later.

After the amazing week playing $3.40's i decided to step it up to $6.50 9 and 18 person sit n go's. This went all right, ended up about $120 more profits. Although my average profit in the 9 person's was less than the $3.40 level but I am putting that down to an insane heater at the $3 level.

However as good as holdem is the varience of turbo sit n go's was getting to me, it became a bit of a grind so for the last 5 or so days of the month i mixed my play around in non turbo, 9, 18, 27, and 45 holdem tournies aswell as Omaha High/Low sit n go's. Both these ventures proved to be fun and equally importantly profitable. I averaged about 30% roi in the holdem games mention but amazinly averaged $7 profit playing $11 Omaha High/Low 9 person sit n go's.

The awsome roi % in the Omaha High/Low sit n go's has really inspired me to play these almost exclusivly and try and play 100 in a week as i would have a great shot a taking out the leaderboards with my current stats in these. The play is terrible and i have made 3rd place numerous times with the short stack when two big stacks got it in against each other. I find i just seem to have the knack for Omaha high/low which makes it the most fun game for me to play, aswell as very profitable. We will see how i am doing with a few hundred more under my belt before we become to elated with the short term results though.

Now, back to the $50k shoot out that i gained entry to. As we speak it is still running and i can see my eliminator still in it which really pisses me off. I had played solid down to HU on the first table of the shootout. The winner would advance to the seccond round and net a cool $195 which is about 25% of my current bankroll. I was at a 2:1 chip disadvantage but manged to build my stack back up and no less than 4 times get it in with dominating hands. A9
As annoying as the $50k shootout was at the end of the day it was only a freeroll and i dont doubt i will be there again next month os all in all I am very pleased with my month in poker and look forward to pawning some donks at the sit n go tables!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

I applied for steak!

So i applied for a stake on 2p2, just thought i post it on here incase i got some good offers from my zero readers :D

Originally Posted by Munchers
Hi, im looking for a stake to play 25nl/50nl FR on pokerstars and possibly higher later on. I have not played for a while and looking to get back into it but dont have the roll for 25nl atm.

I need around $300-550 from a backer, and i have $200 which can be used as part of the BR.

Here are my stats and hands from Feb-Jun this year.

PM me if your interested or email at


+ i am open to backing offers on the ipoker network aswell!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Big BAD Sunday :(

Sundays plans did not go as well as one may have hoped.

I had a measly 1 cash for $38(16.50 PLO) from 24 tournies. Ended down $240 and decided to not play the last few.

On a brighter note I can pinpoint my reasons for things going so horribly wrong.

1: Middle stages

Probably the worst play ive ever done in MTTs in this area. I usually just try and keep tight if i got 25+ BB and play my strong hands and not pull any moves, but today I played all bluffs and resteals and blew my chis with unnecassary and careless play.

2: Fatigue

I simply cant be starting at 2am so as to get in the deep stack tournie. Need to just skipp some of the really early ones.

3: Tilt

Some tilt from beeing bad beated lead to bad play in other tournies.

Things i think i did well!!(yes there were some)

1:Early(1sthour/rebuy period)

Played this section exceptionally well and usually had atlest double my starting stack of $3k in the freezeouts and about 10-20k after the add on in the rebuys. I especially enjoy the rebuys but just need to work on the Mid game.


Not the most succesful day if i was measuring my current succes in $ terms but intullectualy and as my development as a play it was an absolutely brilliant. It has really evoked some thought and focused me on what a slack bastard I am. My eyes are opened as to what it really means to become good at poker, I need to work much harder on my game if I want to achieve something in poker. I didnt get my big score that i wanted but i did fgure out a mojor reason why i didnt.

Oh well guess im off to reread HOH numerous times.

PS am heading overseas for a few weeks should be fun and allow me to come back fresh and ready to learn some poker!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Big sunday!

12:00 $11.00 NL Holdem $5k chips
12:15 $11.00 NL Holdem turbo $10,000.00
12:30 $5.50 $20.00 PLO ipoker
12:30 $16.50 PLO $2,000.00
13:00 $5.50 NL Holdem $3k chips $15,000.00
13:15 $2.20 $8.00 PLO ipoker
13:50 $5.50 $20.00 PLO $1,000.00 ipoker
14:00 $11.00 NL Holdem $3k chips $30,000.00
14:15 $3.30 $12.00 NL Holdem $40,000.00
14:30 $11.00 PLO $3k chips $2,000.00
15:15 $11.00 NL Holdem $3k chips $10,000.00
15:30 $8.80 PLO
18:15 $22.00 NL Holdem
19:00 $11.00 NL Holdem $3k chips $30,000.00
19:15 $11.00 $22.00 NL Holdem $10,000.00
19:30 $5.50 PLO
20:00 $3.30 $12.00 NL Holdem $40,000.00
20:40 $8.80 NL Holdem turbo $10,000.00
21:10 $5.50 $40.00 NL Omaha
21:15 $11.00 NL Holdem $5,000.00
21:15 $9.90 NL Holdem 360man
21:30 $8.80 PLO 4max
22:15 $3.30 NL Holdem
22:30 $3.00 $12.00 PLO ipoker
23:15 $11.00 NL Holdem $3k chips $5,000.00
23:15 $11.00 $22.00 PLO $3,000.00
0:15 $5.50 NL Holdem 6max
0:30 $5.50 $20.00 PLO 6max

Total $238.40 $188.00
Total est. cost $426.40

Those are the tournies I have planned out to play tomorrow, if i play them all and use all my rebuys etc. it will cost me $426.40. Hopefully I can finally get me a decent score of $1k+.

Go me, will post cashes on here :D

Sunday, 24 August 2008

its up to me to not whack my own thumb

I have hit the wall recently, like an olympian marathon runner it has all just gotten to much and I cant go on. Quiting poker seriously crossed my mind recently and I was on the verge of doing it cashing out around $500 of my $800 roll.

Fortunately for CCers I have rethought, or should I say unfortunately seeing as though I am now going to end up pawning them in CC events! Just kidding im not that good.

I have decided once again, that my discipline is not enough for strenous cash game grinds, I simply do not have the concentration span to sit there playing 20 tables of 25nl for hours upon hours every month, I instead prefer the thrill of going deep in tournies and having 'it all on the river' to see if I can win big or go home with a min cash.

I intend to play pretty much turbo SNGs and a range of MTTs mostly the $4 when I have time but otherwise the 9 18 and 45 man sngs will be my home. I really want to progress my poker game upto something that resembles a decent winrate and this is the best way I know how.

My SNG game was always very good, right from when I first started playing play chips I played SNGs because it offered the oppourtunity to make the most play chips the fastest via the 80k SNGs and I think i should carry that over to my real play now where I have had realtively good succes over my low volume of 1200 or so sngs.

I really fell a new invigoration for poke and am a bit more determined to make it succesful especiall as the christmas holidays approach and I intend to play aroun 500 SNGs a week at a decent level so as to be earning over $1000 a week which is phenominal for me who has never been payed anything more than $12.50 and hour or minimum fucking wage.

i couldnt give a crap at how cliche i am about to sound but it is really soo true especially in my case; I have been given all the fucking tolls you would ever nedd, its up to me to not whack my own thumb and make something really fucking awesome!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


When blogging feels like a chore I just have no desire to do chores, poker is a fun way for me to make some extra money and blogging was supposed to add to that fun. So dont expect regular updates form me as im lazy(means i will be good a poker right? just sit all day??) and dont like doing chores.

In the last few days my roll on ipoker has depleted to a whooping $192.62 and i am pissed. Fortunately some chap on 2p2 accepting my application to ge tstaked for 25nl FR and i will be grinding it out on there for 50k hands over the next month or so. Hopefully I will be able to rack up the VPP as well and take advantage of the double vpp promo that is going on.

I have also decide that I need to focus more and stick to my game of nl cash. I need to study poker and learn more so expect to see more posting in the RA threads and hopefully some stuff will be taught and learnt.


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

deposit bonus and leaving pokerstars

So the reason I havnt played recently and hence havnt posted recently eithe ris that I have been in the process of transferring my funds off pokerstars and onto the ipoker network under the sit NoIQ Poker.

NoIQ Poker is by far one of the best poker sites on the ipoker network, think of Full tilt and pokerstars combined just with less traffic and slightly worse software. It has a similar VIP system as stars but it is easier to accumulate FPP so I should be able to achive the 60k needed within the 90days to unlock my $600 deposit bonus.

Along with the FPP accumulator which increase the same way as stars with a multiplier evertime you reach a milestone in a month period and the $600 bonus, which requires 60k worth of FPP earned. THe good thing is it is effectively worth about $1200 as you dont loose the 60k FPP earned to unlock your deposit bonus when you have earnt enough and these can then be traded in for more $. If you get the jist of that :)

I am also going to start seriosly playing 1/2 6max limit as multitabling on ipoker is slightly harder than stars due to software but i am going to view that as a good thing as now i will have more time to make better decisions on my hands and increase my bb/100.

So i just put the deposit on today, played a couple of hours and have 300FPP so i am thinking with the free time I will soon have that this may be doable in less than 90 days.

Hopefully i can bonus whore my way up to higher limits and utilise the monthly reload bonus of 20% up to $200 that NoiQ offers!

Friday, 20 June 2008


The varience in 6max is hilarious. It is truly like a rollercoaster, atleast for now im on the uphill part! Played some more pokers, am up to 7k hands of 6max.

Had a fucking meg session today and despite playing horribly in a few spot managed to cream it at 26bb/100 over 1300 hands. So i am very happy as it has taken my BR up over the $800 mark so now al I need is to keep on winning and I will be doing very well to get a shot in at 50nl!

Free Image Hosting at

AK flopped straight and villian pretty much gifts me 100bb.

AJ outplays - Here I just have to put villian on AK as both times he has had AA he slowplayed until the river without 3betting p/f so i just dont put him on having the balls to get it in with AK or AQ for that matter here.

KT tripple barrel - 3 street bluff on a relative caling station who gave up on the river alot, I like it can you guess what they had?(FD?)

45s played bad - im just hating this hand, couldnt hav ebeen played worse IMO.

I havnt played much omaha but im making a little over $30/hr at 25nl 6max holdem so I havn't really been motivated to play any Omaha lately, although I did manage to play some on party with my $5.54 on there, that is now $5 so no real change there, at one point it was $25 but i got a FH in against a higer FH and thats poker baby.

I noticed that there was 2 blog posts that I wrote before my last one that have been saved but never published, I actually thought they had been published but obviously my technoligicaly illiterate self couldnt work out they haddnt, so it is no surprise that there has been requests for more updates.

GL for now and hopefully I will actually publish my updates in future :D

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Munchers Royale

So in my last blog I mentioned that I had been playing some 6max and whatnot. Wll to put it bluntly it isnt go to shabby. I have have relatively decent succes and will look into ways of dealing with the varience that has ensued.

Free Image Hosting at <a href=
So theres my graph, as you can see, its nice and peachy for the first 1200 and then relatively break even for the rest, but im not too worried as bw07507 was winning at around $3.25/100 and as you can see I am at $3.09/100 which is very cool.

Im still a bit unsure as to what type of stats are premium at 25nl 6max but im thinking something in the area of 19/15 or 13 are not at all bad to aim for as they make relative adjustments compared to my 15/9 FR and also keeps me playing a tight game as there are a bucket load of cabbages playing the 25nl games.

This is one of the more interesting hands, i put him on a flopped 2 pair and figured the 5 had him counterfieghted on the turn, wasnt to far off. Nice 100bb up!

Meanwhile in omahaha i had probably the greatest hand I will ever get, no wait there is no hand that I could possibly have lost to haha! Horrible cooler for the other chap and he reacted as you would expect in the chat box with a flurry of descriptive comments about various body parts of mine and my sexuality... enjoy!

Buying in for half a stack and playing the 25c/50c PLO tables is alot of fun, certainly seems to make more money than buying in for $25 at the 25PLO tables.

So as the month continues I will hopefull manage 10k more 6max hands and get my roll up to the wonderfull $1k mark.


Saturday, 14 June 2008

New Start, new plan and a protege?

So recently I had an uber fucking blow up lost most of my roll and shot back down to 10nl with $300. I have no desire to go into details but there is an interesting post in the PS cashgame rgs thread on CC that sort of details my frustration. Thank you Icemonkey for requesting a blog update. I need to get my A into G and do more of these blogs as the are quite good for my spiritual or mental well beeing, yeah right. Unless your from NZ you will not understand the tui joke but I have a lovely picture of some of their billboards for you!

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Anyway moving back to the shit tha tmatters, poker. I started playing 6max holdem and it went bloody well achiving a 20bb/100 and 10nl and so far a 46bb/100 at 25nl, admitedly only over 1400 hands but whou cares its still awsome seening as though im now back up to $720 in my account. Hopefully i will continue to get good results and improve my 6max and move up with the help of bw who i am trying to do a coaching session with so he can help show me some of the more 6max specific plays.

Speaking of coaching, custo whos blog is (apparently not on my list??) has requseted tha tI help him improve his FR play and move out of the 1c/2c level. I was very enthusiastic about this mostly as he was so enthusiastic and comprenhensive in his PM to me. I will definatel keep you guys updated on what is going on there and hopefully post some hands of his that I analyse. I think that coaching him will really improve my game as I will be forced to question my own methods and strategies which should be fun and interesting. Maybe some good threads will be started in the strat section on CC, you never know.

With my newfound enthusiasm(thanks custo/icemonkey/bw) for poker and learning I am excited as to what lays ahead for me and to what I am going to achieve. Poker is a great game and I am truly greatfull for what it has taught me about life in general aswell as many other skills which will not be lost on my journey through the poker world and ofcourse the real world.

To all of you out there who read, please comment and make me feel special. You never know when you will be needing and pick me up and who will be around to help you pick your arse up and slap you in the face and tell you to "stop fucking around and sort your shit out because you are wasting your fucking time doing this bull shit!"

Friday, 30 May 2008


Your ability to make good decisions does not define you but it is you ability to deal with the consequences of those decisions that is what matters. Most common to poker players is our inability to deal with tilt which is a consequence to our decision to play poker.

Tilt is a very bad thing. This may sound simplistic but until you have truely expierenced money tilt then you will never understand how extremely horrible tilt is. Tilt is not dropping a buy in or two in you usual game because someone sucked out on you, true tilt is dropping 3 or 4 buyins of limits 4 times as high as your normal game because you lost a coinflip. Tilt is the consequences of your decision to sit down and play today. So what are you saying? That we shouldnt play poker? No, we should play poker, but only if we are in the right frame of mind and body. Only if we are at peace with ourselves and anything that may or may not happen at the tables.

As airy fairy as it sounds it is true. If you are tired or drunk or anything else that hinders your focus, concentration and ability to make good decisions then you should not be sitting at the computer or poker table playing poker. You should be exercising the discipline required to stop playing today and wait until you are rested and comfortable and can make the best decisions possible.

That brings us to my seccond point. Discipline in poker is of the utmost importance. A persons ability to make/not make the correct rational decision at the appropriate time is what seperates winners form loser and big winners from winners. The discipline to step back and take a rational look at the situation is what defines your success. Without this ability we would all fail epicly.

end rant.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Uber downswing, back to the bread and butter.

So since my last post I have gone and uber downswing starting from when i tried to move up in limits. It took my Bankroll all the way down to $300 but I have managed to grind it back to $500 at the moment.

I hope to get a $285 bonus bought and cleared within the next week so I can go back to playin 16-20 tables of 25nl for the two weeks that I wont have any school or anything else on.

During those two weeks I hope to make some significant money by grinding like hell at 25nl and really being disciplined to stay at those limits and make the $25 per hour I know i can make.

As most will know grinding gets tedios after a while so when mr BR hit $300 i decided I needed to play the games that I learnt when i first started poker over a year ago now. Turbo 18 man SNGs!!!. I have been playing the $6.50 and been averaging around $1.5-$2 roi which is very nice seeing as though i play about 10 every hour.

hopefully i will be able to hit the high orbit leader board in the coming weeks and get a nice bonus to go with the FPP ones I will be getting.

Best of luck to me and you!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Back On track.

Poker is back running smoothly. Have had no major downswings and overall been playing well lately. My results show and my BR is back to $1300.

Wont be able to play at the tables for the next 5 days as im going away to watch my brothers basketball tournament :)

His team is pretty good and will hopefully do well and make the final. If they fail to make the semis then something went ape shit and they were screwed by the basketball gods IMO.

GL all.

Sunday, 16 March 2008


Long time since the last update. My apoligies.

After my good start I decided to hit the $50NL tables for another "shot". Good bye profits.

I have started playing 10 tables of 100nl and buying in Short Stacked(SS). It has been going well and putting some profits back in my BR. It has also meant that im earning VPPs faster so hopefull I will make Platinium this month. Only 6k VPP to go.

Heres a pretty little graph :)

Free Image Hosting at

Heres the 100nl.

Free Image Hosting at

In other news, I have played some $4.40 180 man donkaments, the play is horrible and I managed to make the final table of the 2nd one I played and come 6th when my AJ < A9 all-in P/f.

Mood swings have coincided with poker swings and things arnt the best at the moment but i will get back on track and control my emotions.

SS'ing is fun :D

Hope you all have good luck.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Grinding My Way Back

So ive read zachs latest blog and commented but that fucked up and im to lazy to rewrite the lengthy comment but he talks about some stuff that I agree with alot.

The bit about poker being a sustainable income at $30/hour is very true although as I myself have found that grinding 6-8 hours a day is hard for 3 days straight and I cant imagine how people do it 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Zach also touches on how he is wondering what a downswing will do to him psycologically and wether he will be able to play his A game whilst having lost $400 or whatever. I have also struggled in my infamous move up to $50NL where I tilted alot when I got down a couple of buy-ins. Personally i think the best way to combat this is to play on a depper roll. Instead of 20 buy in minimu make it 30 buy ins.

Stox has been continuing to help my game. I have been running steadily at 15-17bb/100 for the last 3K hands without being on anysort of heater and just being dealt average luck. I do notice how bad alot of the SSers are and now realize how easy im going to win their money although I have gotten all-in ahead of 6 SSers with AK p/f and lost all 6 times. I guess that means im fulfilling my true winrate potential?

Im back 16 tabling and am winning a very cool $35/hour at $25NL which is an amazing winrate which I am confident I can keep up or improve over the next month as I will continue to watch stox videos and analyse my game.

March so far(updated)
Free Image Hosting at

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Back in the Saddle

So finally after my 7 days away from playing poker I have got back in the saddle so to speak and today i put in a decent session running at 27.7bb/100 for $96 profit over 1300 hands.

My play has definately improved and im making better plays and finding myself in less didicult situtions because of my improvement. This is largely due to stox pokers wonderful coahing videos. Ed Miller's Poker Made Simple series has liturally revolutionized my game and opened my eyes to many new and different concepts. Hopefully I am and will be applying those concepts in the correct situations as I continue with my poker.

It seems after my little break I have a new zest for poker and really look foward to playing a ton more hands in the next few days.

March so far.
Free Image Hosting at

As ive said on the CC March goals thread I want to cash out 1K this month. That means that I will need to play atleast 40k hands of good poker to even hope of getting $1k cashed out. I currently have $900 online and need to win $1100 in March. So far im up $96 + $50 bonus which = $146. Very good so far.

In other thing I am thinking of selling my HoH vol 1 and 2 as I never play tournies and have read these books a couple of times. It is also because when I signed up with Stox I got a free gift which I choose was Profesional No Limit Holdem. I have heard great reviews about PNLH and hope to read it atleast once by the end of the month.

The break was great and im back looking to win lots of money.

GL to you and me,

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Monkey Tilt

Today was my worst day ever. I lost $500 and my BR has dropped to $900 afeter having a nice upswing just prior to this.

I have self excluded myself from playing and will hopefully get away from poker and come back fresher and playing better.

On a nicer note I see im still up $700 on the month so im not overly disgusted.


So I finally got my subscription to Stoxpoker and will be looking to utulize their videos in improving my play. On chucks advice I am going to watch Ed Millers Holdem Made Simple Series first as he says it was the most helpfull.

I am really quite annoyed with myself at the moment and am quite frankly hating that I loost $500 in one day and about 1.5k hands. It was rediculous the amount of times people sucked out on my sets with overpairs and FD and SD.

Unfortunatly all this bad luck ahs come at the time I am trying to move up and for my total 9k hands at $50NL im running at $550 down compared to my Sklansky Bucks which sucks balls IMO.

I intend to step back down to $25NL and grind that only for the next month and hopefully I can cash out in the region of $700+ which shouldnt be to hard as I run at around $400/10k hands.

$25NL-$300/10k hands is sutainable IMO not sure about $400 :P

Free Image Hosting at

$50NL hmmmm, thourgly out played?

Free Image Hosting at

Friday, 22 February 2008


So its been a loong time since I last updated. My apoligies but recently I have not felt compelled to write. In a sentance, I'm lazy.

The poke has been going as good as I could have hoped for. Have manged to get up to just over 30k hands at $25NL/PL for something like $1260 profit and I am running at 16bb/100 or $4/100 anyway you can see all that in the graph.

Free Image Hosting at

Yesterday I had 2 teeth extracted so I stayed home and played poker and did nothing much really. Was quite fun and boring at the same time. Managed to get up $93.45 over 4700 hands in 5 hours of play. Not to bad averaging like $18/hour.

Hopefully this month I will achieve Platinum star. I only need 3900 more VPP and I am doing virtually noting all weeken so I am going for 10k+ hands.

During the last week I cashed out $217.43 to help pay for my new monitor. Since then im up another $150 or so.

I have an awsome new Acer 24" HD LCD Monitor which will tile 12 tables with no overlap so I run that alongside my 19" and fit 16 easily. If I want to I can tile 16 on the Acer with a bit of overlap but the tables are tiny and hard to read.

Free Image Hosting at

In future I think I will update more regularly and not be compelled to write an uber post each time.


Monday, 18 February 2008

The Secret Life of Pocket Pairs

Intro: Reccently Grundy from cardschat asked me to do a cross blog post. ie he writes an article for my blog and I write one for his. Here is his article, you can find Grundys Blog and my article at The Unlikely Guide To Poker. Enjoy!

Low pocket pairs can be difficult hands to play. On one hand, you want to bet them heavy to buy the blinds or to limit your opponents (hopefully to one) in order to get the best odds to win. However, if you do get that caller he probably has two over-cards leaving you with a coin-flip situation and somewhat pot-committed with your initial bet. So do you want to bet small or just call pre-flop? Well, not really. Then you would have more callers and each player who stays in the hand drops your odds to win with a quickness.

In good conscious, I will begin with a disclaimer that I don’t play pocket twos and pocket threes unless I am dealt them as big blind. These pocket pairs still work with the two below strategies, but for me they hold a high enough risk factor to not be worth my effort. And, yes, I’ve had some previous bad experiences. Inversely, pocket Jacks or better are hands that are premium enough that I play more aggressively then the two below strategies and will discuss them at a later time.

I have two winning plays with pockets pairs 10s and under. The first is only recommended in late position with no previous callers. I start by betting three times the big blind. It is likely this will buy the blinds with tight players, but if not I will probably only get one caller who I can assume doesn't have a super premium hand. So that rules out an over-pair and leaves either two over cards, or better yet, one over card. Keep in mind if the opponent raises my bet pre-flop I have to assume a super premium hand and will probably fold.

I watch closely after the flop because a good read on my opponent makes this strategy a lot easier. Do I think he hit the flop? If it is three low cards, especially if there is a pair on board, I feel more confident. I fire out a strong bet if I think he missed. The opponent will likely fold here. If you have a good read that he hit strong, you might as well check it because he will likely bet or raise regardless of your action. If you don't have a read, fire a bet if you can afford it. He may fold or at least give you information and a chance to see another card.

Strategy number two can be played from any position and starts with a call pre-flop. A weak play that I don’t usually recommend, I know. I use the concept of implied odds here. It is likely that you won't hit the flop, but if you do, you have trips. Trips is a very strong hand at after the flop and before the turn, allowing you to raise most bets without fear, or slow-play depending on the situation. You called pre-flop which means there are probably a few players in the hand, one of them probably caught top pair or even two pair. I can make a lot of money with this, but have to stay aware that I can be outdrawn on the turn or river. It is because of this I only consider slow-playing against one or two players; any more is far too risky.

In conclusion, trips=good, pocket twos=bad, mid-pocket pairs=depends how you play them. I should probably change my blog name to Grundy, Master of the Obvious. But seriously folks, pocket pairs are not for the passive players. You need to come in strong and read your opponent to profit, or cheaply wait for the relatively low chance to trip up. As with all of poker, it greatly depends on the situation.

This has been Grundy of telling you to mix up your play, pay homage to the poker gods, and most of all, have fun at the tables.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Moving Up

Sorry for not having posted in a while my life has been very hectic with school work and that sort of thing. Although I have managed to play some Poker amoungst all that, but not find time for my blog. Prioritize people!

Poker Playing

In the last week or 5 days or whatever it was since I posted last, I have manged to put in another 1k hands at $25 NL which gave my the $1200 Bankroll to move on up to $50NL. I have played 3k hands at $50NL so far and have played pretty averagely.

At the start I was very timid and generally playing way to weak/tight to make any money. I have "aggro-ed" my betting up a bit and managed to play a little bit better. I think i still need to be betting a bit more agrresively on c-bet/semi-bluffs as I usually try to keep the bets small so as to not loose to much when I do get called/raised.

The major differences I am finding is that the number of solid regulars on $50NL is way more than $25NL. What this means for me is I need to be more selective on which hands I play against which opponents. It also means that I will need to vary my play more from the abc style that worked well at $25NL to a more unconventional variation of playing so as to make it harder for me to read. I may even revert to using a Random Number Generator to tell me what % of the pot to bet so that my bets will appear erratic and make it insanely hard for the multi-tabling regulars to read me. Although I dont think I will be doing this in the short term future.

Another thing I am finding with $50NL is that stacking off pre-flop is becoming very unprofitable with hands other than KK/AA. Hands like AK/QQ are more on the marginal, "wait to see a safe flop then go all-in" side of things that the "all in pre-flop! Yea baby!" side. Addmitadely this is majorly due to the number of Tight regulars that are playin $50NL.

Another game, Pot-Limit Omaha has been taking my fancy. I have played about 10k hands across various limits previously but this time I really read up on the strategey and jumped into some $506max PLO games and didnt do to badly netting myself just over $100 profit in about 450 hands.

Here ars some pretty graphs of my play:

$25NL-Complete record of all my hands at this limit

Free Image Hosting at

$50NL-First 3k hands, notice the start where i was weak/tight.

Free Image Hosting at

$50PLO, Heater?

EDIT: Dont Know why but this image wont upload so i cant show you the graph :(

Audio Blogiin/Video etc.

The vidoe that zach wanted me to make probably will never make it to the big screen and the same with the audio blog(but to the big speaker?) as it will take alot of upload space and I only have limited internet usage.

Alternatively Grundy from Cardschat approached me and asked me if I would like to cross post on our blogs. I happily agreed and we will have each others post up on our blogs by next week. So watch this space for the wisdom of Grundy!

In other things I managed to add some more links to my Blog list. There are a few new ones on there, so check them out. They are all from people who play around the same stakes as me.

Hackers poker blog
Thoughts of a Micro Stakes Grinder
Crushing The Donks
kQJtennine's poker quest
Poker Disasters
The Grand Slam Poker Source

Friday, 8 February 2008

A Downswing, Bad Play and getting a Poker Education

So the last three days of poker have seen various things go on. I have had my downswing that was inevitable considering my winrate. The downswing was also partly due to monkey tilt which can account for about 65% of the money lost during the downswing. Some amazing bad luck with big pocket pairs also attributed to part of my losses. A 24 hour stand down saw me ralling to get educated more on poker and some different concepts hopefully stretching my mind while allowing me to play better.

The Downswing

Wednesday was New Zealands National day (Waitangi Day) and also a public holiday. It saw me play alot of hands whilst not playing my best poker. I put in 3500 hands on wednesday and had a grand total og $140 lost of which about $90 was bad plays.

Here a some of the hands that i played badly:

AQ is well overplayed against a nit with 12/4/1.5 stats.

Badly Played KK, tried to slowplay and let him catch up.

Shoving TT on river with 2 overs and a paired board.

Feel free to analyze on what the better plays in these situations are.

I alos witnessed my fair share of bad luck with my big pocket pairs during the donwswing.

AA cracked by 2 outer

QQ gets flushed out.


KK runs into AA grrr.

As you will notice(in the not so pretty anymore graph below) all these unlucky hands came at once, the start of todays session actually. Fortunately I was able to not tilt by disciplining myself better and managed to scrape out $31.50 profit over 2 hours play. So turned into a nice $15.75 an hour profit. My winrate has dropped vastly from the 25bb/100(PL&NL) to 14bb/100(PL&NL). I tried to stick to NL as my PLbb/100 is 6 coampred to 16bb/100 at NL.

Pretty graph, note between 14k and 15k is the unlucky hands shown above.

Free Image Hosting at

Getting a Poker Education

So after deciding to read up some on strategey and such i found this thread by chuckTs on cardschat.

His thread does a verg good job at demonstrating and explaing Pot Control and Commitment Bets. It also led me to this thread which talks about the wb/wa concept. Either being way ahead or way behind in the hand. Both are goo threads and inspired me to read more into the CradsChat Golden Archieves.

Videos and Audio Blogging

In other things I have been trying to make a video of me 16 tabling $25NL as suggested by Zachvac on CardsChat. I have got the trial version of Camtasia studio 5 but am running into problems with the cursor flickering on and off my screen making the play whilst reccording very difficult.

I am also trying to figure out how to upload an audio file to my blog of me talking about whats going on ind=stead of writing it. So far i can record my blogcast but cant upload it.

If anyone can help on thes two things it would be much apreciated.


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

$1000 Milestone

Yesterday marked an awesome milestone in my poker career. I oficially have a $1003.78 bankroll! This relizeation was accompanied by various phrase and action including the famous "yea baby!", "pass the sugar" both of which were paid there respects with a heart fist pumping session which lasted about 0.13334 of the 2 hour poker session.

After my last blog and the comments of how well i was doing, i espicially enjoyed zachs and chucks. Zach thinks that I may be doing something right to be winning at the rate I am. Whilst Chuck seems to think im going to be playing $100nl in the near future. Whilst i have every intention of doing things right in poker i have no intention of moving up to $100nl even if i had the roll because the plan as you will notice in my goals for 2008 i say that i wish to cashout 3.5k for my trip. So i think i will use the 50/50 bankroll build method.

The 50/50 bankroll build method is where you play for a set period of time at the stakes you want to play or the stakes you currently have a bankroll for. At the end of that set time period(in my case a week) you take 50% of your profit and cash it out. The other 50% goes towards building your bankroll. This method also aids in stopping you progressing to quickly through the stake levels as skill will naturally develop slower than your bankroll.

I will leave you with my january so far graph of winnings.

Free Image Hosting at

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Poker, Life and an update.

Over the last few days I have sorted my shit out so to speak. I haves stoped playing any other games apart from NLHE cash. Mainly because most other games are breakeven or -EV for me. i personally find myself to be exceptionally bad at tourneys and SNG's. I think this is due largely to the fact that recently i have played a vast majority of cashgames rather than tournaments.

Tournaments aside my move up to $25NL full-ring could be considered extremely productive, whilst it is only a 5K hand sample it is still a very nice win rate of 39.81bb/100 which spreed over my regular 16 tables means that I am running at $65.25/hour, admitadely only over 8 hours of play but i will take what im given.

Free Image Hosting at

Goals Update

So it was a day late but i managed to achieve and surpass my goal of a $750 Bankroll by 1/2/08. I currently have a very nice Bankroll and will be looking to hit $1200+ and atleast 15k-20k hands at $25NL before moving up to $50NL.

Free Image Hosting at

I had been raking in FPP points(helped by my Gold Star Status), unfortunately i wasted 5400 on a sunday mill satty where the top 4 of 10 entrants recieve the $216 entry fee. I placed 6th when my AQs<99. I think that it may be possible to almost fold your way to the top 4 in these, although i really havnt had much expierence in the tourneys myself. Then turbo format seems to make players push to early on in the tournament at around level 4 it seemed that the game had become an all-in or fold.

I looked into to StoxPoker Training and i think when my bankroll hits enough for me to be able to purchase a 6month subscription and be properly rolled for $50NL I will buy the 6 montht subscription via Pokerstars transfer and along with it get "Professional No Limit Holdem", both which should vastly improve my game.

In things outside of poker I have taken up an interest in betting on competitions me and my Dad have. We often go out and have a game of tennis which I usually win although there was 1 time... I asked Dad if he wanted to play for $10 a match and he agreed so our next tennis game the stakes will be raised, but it should also add a more competive edge which is alsways fun.

I have also become interested in clay bird shooting and will be joining a team that shoots every week at the gun club and apparently they have a competition which is never a bad thing. I think living on a farm is a great thing, I mean how many people can just decide that they are gona shhot clay birds of their front lawn without some damn neighbour calling the cops? Admitadely I need to improve my shooting alot to be competive with Dad and other members of the Gun Club so I dont think I will be prop betting on that for a long time.

Today saw the NZI Wellingting Rugby Sevens commence with, I am gratefull to say, New Zealand winning the final in the last minute with a great try. WOOHOO!!!

Life is good, poker is good. For now.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Shares Trading and the simularities with Poker

This post is provoked by a recent Bussiness Studies Class that I had. In the class the Teacher was asking us to give her different possible sources of income such as wages, sponsorship, royalties etc. and ofcourse trading the share market. I piped up and said poker/gambling as a possible source of income. The teacher immediately said that gambling could not be considered a legitimate sorce of income. Funily enough she said that was the end of the matter and didnt give a legitimate reason that it couldnt be considered a source of income. The reason she gave was "it's a recreational game played for fun".

I then proceded to point out that Shres Trading has just as much if not more risk involved than poker does. I said poker was a game of probability where players used information provided to make the best mathmatical decision possible and in the long run the players with more skill would win more money because they would be more often capitilizing on their opponets mistakes while make less mistakes of their own. Which is much like Shares Trading where the people who make more money than others are considered better traders because they are better at spotting trends and predicting what the trends will be so that they know when to buy or sell shares.

I then went on to say that Shares Trading(with my relatively limited knowledge of shres trading) is probably less of a exact science than poker. Beacuase Poker is a game of probability and the probabilities never change. In poker if you always get your money in HU with a greater than 50% chance of winning then you will over the long run be a winning player. Wher as in Share Trading there is virtually no garentee that you will profit and you are in much less control of the outcome of your investments in Shares Trading than you are in Poker.

I came online tonight and found a few good links about this topic.

Here are the links to articles i found:

Making Money On The Stockmarket: A Game of Poker
A Big Deal

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Swingy Swingy

The past few days has seen my Bankroll go up and down back down againg then back up a settled somewhere in the middle at $531.53.

A good thing to come from this is i manged goldstar status :D

I also had a very nice hand on $25 NL.
Free Image Hosting at
I missed th actual cards but read down in the chatbox, and you will be pleasently surprised.

I found a excellent blog called Smart Poker which is about a guy who earns $120 an hour playing 16 $200NL tables on Fulltilt.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Becoming Poker Weekly $5 PLO

I have set up a private tourney that will run weekly.

The game is Pot Limit Omaha. The tourney will run at 22.00 on a saturday night Pokerstars Time.

See tourney schedule on right for more details.

Hope to see you there!!

Name/Title: [Becoming-Poker $5 PLO]
Tourney id: [75285430]
Site:PokerStarsBuy-in: [ $5.50]
Game: [PL Omaha]
Password: [become]
Date: [2/02/2008]
Time: [22:00]

Bounties: Munchrs(Munchers94)-$2

Post a comment with your bounty(not compulsory) or you can post it on CardsChat Forums here or on Railbirds here

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Poker Tracker 3 release!

It has just come to my attention that poker tracker 3 has just been released.

Check it out here

I will make a longer and better review after i have used it a bit more.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Inability to Stick to one thing.

I really enjoy No-Limit holdem and Limit Holdem. i also enjoy SNG's and Tourneys and PLO h/l and just hi.

The problem is i dont stick to one long enough to become really good at it and there for am lacking in a steady income. Although i am leaning to wards NL tourneys and Limit Cashgames.

The bankroll has been a bit up and down of late, hitting $800 at best and $400 at worst right now it is $672 so not bad.

Hope i mange to find my best game and stick to it the majority of the time.

Sunday, 20 January 2008


After my dismall effort to move up to NL$25 I decided to semi-shortstack Pot Limit Omaha 25c/50c Tables. I buy in for $20 and leave as soon as i hit $30+.

This is working very well and i manged to recuperate my losses and ge tmy Bankroll back to $530 or so.

Why do i shortstack? Basically it increases my showdown value. It increases my showdown value by letting me get all early in the hand either on the flop or on the turn, which means that i cant be bluffed off my hand if the river is a scare card. This strategey only works though if you regularly get your money in ahead on the flop and turn. If you dont then you loose money.

Crappy Arse Poker Beats

So I tried another session at NL$25 6max and lost around $150.

I had AA twice. Both where all in preflop. AA
I had KK twice. Again i got all in preflop. KK
I also had QQ once. QQ
Basically i coulndnt win a hand, i also managed to flop a set ang get all the chips in only to be out drawn when he flushed up.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Good Week

It’s been a hectic week this week. I’ve spent most of my mornings helping Mum paint the windows ardor house. This is a mammoth task as we have large roof to floor windows right along the front of our house and they all need 10 coats of wood stain. The good thing is we get a coat on all of the windows by around lunch which leaves the rest of the day free to play poker.

The poker playing has been going very well. I played in a $5.50 PLO8 rebuy on Titan poker, I didn’t rebuy or add on and managed a 2nd place due to my flopped Full House getting beaten by a turned higher full house. That tourney netting me a $117.50 profit.

I have also played some Sit n Go's as promised and run ok managing a small 20% roi. I played mostly $6 9man turbos and 6man Sit n go's which are both donk filled but I always seemed to be the bubble boy or come third/second, which is probably due to bad bubble play on my part and not playing premium ICM value.

The Cash games have slowed down a lot and I am officially converted to No-Limit Holdem 6max. Which is showing fruitful in the early going having played 4k hands at $10NL for around 20bb/100.

I decided today with my Bankroll of $530 to give $25NL 6max a shot. It went very well I managed to avoid bad luck and netted a $27 profit over 400 hands or so 6 tabling. Would have liked to play longer but it was dinner time and I don’t miss meals ;).

I also received an email about the new poker room, which is pretty much Pacific Poker under a different name. I am looking into depositing there as they are the new fish tank now that party seems to have wizened up a bit.

Overall a very good week, seeing my Bankroll go from $300 to $555.83. Hopefully the weekend is just as fruitful for you and me in poker and life.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

New Plan

For the last month or so ive been grinding Full ring cash games and prfited around $200 from it. In the last week or so I have stoped winning and started loosing, wether this is a downswing or not it is over a not 8k hand selection.

I think one of my problems is always playing the same game, same conditions and often same opponents. So I have decided to go back to Sit n Go's.

I will be playing what are my best sit n go's. The $5.50 18 man and the $6.60 6max No Limit Holdem Sit n go's.

I will be implemeting the 50 buy-in Bankroll manangement plan. Heres how it will look.

Bankroll-----max Buy-in allowed------Move Down mark.
$300----------------$7-----------------None(under $5.50 is to high rake)

I have also decided to bonus whore the ipoker network sites and take advantage of the easier poker games on their that are full of fish. I will probably take all my money to titan and get their bonus by playing $10NL again(if there wernt so many fish i wouldnt) and the $5.50 6max Sngs.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Tilt Factor

Tilt has been my downfall. Times that by 16 tables and it’s a mighty big downfall. Today’s session has not gone well.

I opened up my usual 16 tables on pokerstars $10NL full ring and would be greeted with the donkeys and, what seems to be my growing ever larger, share of horrible luck. I had KK busted 3 times all by A-rag, every straight or flush I hit ended in villain hitting a better straight or flush and more likely a Full House.

The horrible cards brought on tilt and I started to play badly getting my money in when I knew I had been counterfeited when the board paired giving villain a better two pair. So using my genius poker skill and my $50 smaller $350 Bankroll I decided to hit the 6max Pot-Limit Omaha eight-or-better tables netting me another $55 loss which $25 of which can be attributed to bad luck but the rest was bad play.

The day was not without good news though, I got an email from my satellite internet provider informing me that I had used 80% of my 5gig internet usage up and it won’t be reset until the 20th of this month. The reason this is good news is it will give me an opportunity to get away from poker and the emotional rollercoaster it has started to become.

I have also received some other good news as I may soon be able to install a new video card and get another monitor which I will dutiful upload to this blog for my wonderful readers to awe at.

Whilst away from poker I intend to be reading the book giving to me for Christmas entitled “Pelé, The Autobiography”. Once reading that I will re-read and study Harrington on Holdem again and probably go back to my formerly beloved $5 18 man Sit n go’s.

To CardsChat I am sorry but I won’t be posting for the next 10 days, although my posts seem to have started declining in poker strategy. This may be one of my problems but im not entirely sure.

In the meantime I will blog via Word and if I get the chance upload from an internet café.

Good Luck to you all,

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

New Avatar

I found this really beautiful pic and decided to use it as my CardsChat Avatar.

Here it is...

Statistical Significance, Poker Addict

People often rave about thier great BB/100 and often complain about "Huge" downswings. I personally have done both. But realising just how statistically significant your results are depends on the number of trails run. A statiscally significant amount is considered 10k hands, but to be a bit more in depth you really need to aim for 25k+ to draw accurate conlusions.

After running my own numbers I see how insignificant my stats actually are at this point. What i thought was a downswing was nothing more than a little varience and the fact that i was probably on a heater before the varience occured made it seem like a much bigger downswing than it actually was.

Prior to my miniscule downswing I had become very self-assured in my game and my poker ability. The downswing was pokers way of telling me to pull my head in. It was making sure I didnt get to big for my boots and that I always reviewed my game and keept on trying to improve and better my poker ability.

It seems poker has a funny way of creating many varying emotions. When you run well you feel immortal, when you run bad you feel like you couldnt win if you could pick what card would come next, and when you run right in the middle poker becomes boring yet you still cant stop playing it.

Poker is addictive, managing your addiction and your emotions that the addiction evokes are essiantals in beating poker and become a winning player.

I'll leave you with some insignificant numbers. Please take note of my VPIP/PFR etc. in both pictures.

The top one is my "downswing" of 6k hands., the one below is my first 9k hands at $10NL Below that is a running total profit of all hands.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Pyschological Leaks

Ok my game is going to be put under serious sqruntiny in the next week or so.
I intend to plow throug The Poker Tracker guide i mentione din my last post. Then im going to re-read "The Pyschology of Poker" and hopefully it will improve my overall play/winrate.

A serious leak is being to short-term results orientated. Poker is not about the short-term, its not about how this particular hand ends or this particular week, its about playing the best for every situation and waiting for the good results to come. And they will come aslong as you are playing Mathmatically/psychologicaly sollid poker. Using a mixture of reads and probability to make the best decisions most of the time is what it takes to be a good poker player. The amount of bad decions you make will define how great a plyer you become.

Another leak is being statistically orientated. I seem to feel the need to play a 700 or 800 hands an hour whilst I would probably earn around 2/3 the amount of money playing 8 tables instead of 16 and making better decision and Overall playing better.

A player should focus on playing the optimal strategey for every situation based on the information you have at hand to make money in the long-run over a statistically significant amount of hands.

Poker Coaching

So ive been looking into poker coaching recently. The results have beeen good i've found numerous coaching sites and have also found the Poker Tracker Guide which ive brought and hope to read tomorrow or later today.

Hopefully Poker Tracker Guide and help me find my own leaks and once i progress up to $25 and $50 NL then i can get some pro poker coaching.

So i played some Omaha hi, didnt do to badly am up $35 over 1200 hands at $10PLO. Basically to beat the players at this level all you need to do is play tight/nitty preflop and nut peddle the flop.

Although i saw one very good player there who raised every hand pre-flop but was an absolute nit post flop. This strategey worked amazingly well. it did 2 main things for him. 1) Gave him a maniac image(because he reaised every hand pre-flop), 2) His opponents payed him off on his good hands as they thought he was a maniac. What they failed to notice(i noticed and i was playing 8 tables lol) was he was a net pedler post flop.

I find $10PLO/NLHE players to be very un-observant, even the good players seem to play their cards alot more than they play there opponets. I can often take advantage of this by C-Beting low flops and "Double Baralleing"(betting the turn if its a blank after you C-Betted the flop). It seems alot of players are more weak tight and agression is where im amking my money at the moment.

GL all,

Sunday, 6 January 2008

2008 Goals

Ok so i decided to post my 2008 poker goals before I lost the piece of paper i wrote them on. So here they are ...

1) Have $750 Bankroll on Pokerstars by 01/02/08.
2) Achieve Silver star status in January.
3) Have a $1500 Bankroll on Pokerstars by 01/03/08.
4) Achieve Gold Star status in Febuary.
5) Achiev platinum star status for 3 months in late 2008.
6) Cashout $3.5k by August to pay for trip.
7) Become loyaler.
8) Get some profesional poker coaching and/or subscription to coaching videos.

How win at poker the easy way.

The Obsession

Wow found this great article here. Go down th the post made on 1/1/2008 titled "The Obsession".

Its really a great article about growing and developing as a poker player. It touched on some points on how much work/time you have to put in to become not only good but great at poker.

I'll leave you with my take on this article:

"To become the great at poker you must not let poker become part of you but become part of poker."


I started playing poker in early 2007. After winning money from freerolls i floundered around building it up to $1100 then loosing about half and withdrawing the rest.

In December 2007 i decided to take poker seriously and deposited $100 onto pokerstars and started grinding micro cashgames. Since then i have progressed up the stakes to $10NL(lol still micro stakes :P) and am currentl on a BR of $350.