Tuesday, 24 June 2008

deposit bonus and leaving pokerstars

So the reason I havnt played recently and hence havnt posted recently eithe ris that I have been in the process of transferring my funds off pokerstars and onto the ipoker network under the sit NoIQ Poker.

NoIQ Poker is by far one of the best poker sites on the ipoker network, think of Full tilt and pokerstars combined just with less traffic and slightly worse software. It has a similar VIP system as stars but it is easier to accumulate FPP so I should be able to achive the 60k needed within the 90days to unlock my $600 deposit bonus.

Along with the FPP accumulator which increase the same way as stars with a multiplier evertime you reach a milestone in a month period and the $600 bonus, which requires 60k worth of FPP earned. THe good thing is it is effectively worth about $1200 as you dont loose the 60k FPP earned to unlock your deposit bonus when you have earnt enough and these can then be traded in for more $. If you get the jist of that :)

I am also going to start seriosly playing 1/2 6max limit as multitabling on ipoker is slightly harder than stars due to software but i am going to view that as a good thing as now i will have more time to make better decisions on my hands and increase my bb/100.

So i just put the deposit on today, played a couple of hours and have 300FPP so i am thinking with the free time I will soon have that this may be doable in less than 90 days.

Hopefully i can bonus whore my way up to higher limits and utilise the monthly reload bonus of 20% up to $200 that NoiQ offers!


Zach said...

Hey good luck, do they accept US players? Bonus doesn't sound that bad. Also is the play softer/tougher than Stars and FT?

Munchrs said...

softer, but harder to multi table. Stars is better imo. The software is tiltin me

Anonymous said...

Big mistake to be bonus led when you are playing at ipoker - the rake and blinds you pay (especially at 6 max) are enormous compared to the bonus you release.

good luck


Pud's Poker said...

The software oniPOker tilts me sometimes but the play is horrifically bad which makes up for it.

I hope you signed up for a "monthly loyalty" payment as I know many peope are offering 40-45% right off the bat!