Friday, 20 June 2008


The varience in 6max is hilarious. It is truly like a rollercoaster, atleast for now im on the uphill part! Played some more pokers, am up to 7k hands of 6max.

Had a fucking meg session today and despite playing horribly in a few spot managed to cream it at 26bb/100 over 1300 hands. So i am very happy as it has taken my BR up over the $800 mark so now al I need is to keep on winning and I will be doing very well to get a shot in at 50nl!

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AK flopped straight and villian pretty much gifts me 100bb.

AJ outplays - Here I just have to put villian on AK as both times he has had AA he slowplayed until the river without 3betting p/f so i just dont put him on having the balls to get it in with AK or AQ for that matter here.

KT tripple barrel - 3 street bluff on a relative caling station who gave up on the river alot, I like it can you guess what they had?(FD?)

45s played bad - im just hating this hand, couldnt hav ebeen played worse IMO.

I havnt played much omaha but im making a little over $30/hr at 25nl 6max holdem so I havn't really been motivated to play any Omaha lately, although I did manage to play some on party with my $5.54 on there, that is now $5 so no real change there, at one point it was $25 but i got a FH in against a higer FH and thats poker baby.

I noticed that there was 2 blog posts that I wrote before my last one that have been saved but never published, I actually thought they had been published but obviously my technoligicaly illiterate self couldnt work out they haddnt, so it is no surprise that there has been requests for more updates.

GL for now and hopefully I will actually publish my updates in future :D


Drewbabez said...

Awesome hands you've posted up there its really hard to outplay those calling stations at that limit like you obviously are. I play on pokerstars and started my own blog recently check it out:

Anonymous said...

You said Ak flopped a straight and villain paid you off 100bb.

I don't see the straight, am I missing some lingo here?