Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Back On track.

Poker is back running smoothly. Have had no major downswings and overall been playing well lately. My results show and my BR is back to $1300.

Wont be able to play at the tables for the next 5 days as im going away to watch my brothers basketball tournament :)

His team is pretty good and will hopefully do well and make the final. If they fail to make the semis then something went ape shit and they were screwed by the basketball gods IMO.

GL all.

Sunday, 16 March 2008


Long time since the last update. My apoligies.

After my good start I decided to hit the $50NL tables for another "shot". Good bye profits.

I have started playing 10 tables of 100nl and buying in Short Stacked(SS). It has been going well and putting some profits back in my BR. It has also meant that im earning VPPs faster so hopefull I will make Platinium this month. Only 6k VPP to go.

Heres a pretty little graph :)

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Heres the 100nl.

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In other news, I have played some $4.40 180 man donkaments, the play is horrible and I managed to make the final table of the 2nd one I played and come 6th when my AJ < A9 all-in P/f.

Mood swings have coincided with poker swings and things arnt the best at the moment but i will get back on track and control my emotions.

SS'ing is fun :D

Hope you all have good luck.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Grinding My Way Back

So ive read zachs latest blog and commented but that fucked up and im to lazy to rewrite the lengthy comment but he talks about some stuff that I agree with alot.

The bit about poker being a sustainable income at $30/hour is very true although as I myself have found that grinding 6-8 hours a day is hard for 3 days straight and I cant imagine how people do it 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Zach also touches on how he is wondering what a downswing will do to him psycologically and wether he will be able to play his A game whilst having lost $400 or whatever. I have also struggled in my infamous move up to $50NL where I tilted alot when I got down a couple of buy-ins. Personally i think the best way to combat this is to play on a depper roll. Instead of 20 buy in minimu make it 30 buy ins.

Stox has been continuing to help my game. I have been running steadily at 15-17bb/100 for the last 3K hands without being on anysort of heater and just being dealt average luck. I do notice how bad alot of the SSers are and now realize how easy im going to win their money although I have gotten all-in ahead of 6 SSers with AK p/f and lost all 6 times. I guess that means im fulfilling my true winrate potential?

Im back 16 tabling and am winning a very cool $35/hour at $25NL which is an amazing winrate which I am confident I can keep up or improve over the next month as I will continue to watch stox videos and analyse my game.

March so far(updated)
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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Back in the Saddle

So finally after my 7 days away from playing poker I have got back in the saddle so to speak and today i put in a decent session running at 27.7bb/100 for $96 profit over 1300 hands.

My play has definately improved and im making better plays and finding myself in less didicult situtions because of my improvement. This is largely due to stox pokers wonderful coahing videos. Ed Miller's Poker Made Simple series has liturally revolutionized my game and opened my eyes to many new and different concepts. Hopefully I am and will be applying those concepts in the correct situations as I continue with my poker.

It seems after my little break I have a new zest for poker and really look foward to playing a ton more hands in the next few days.

March so far.
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As ive said on the CC March goals thread I want to cash out 1K this month. That means that I will need to play atleast 40k hands of good poker to even hope of getting $1k cashed out. I currently have $900 online and need to win $1100 in March. So far im up $96 + $50 bonus which = $146. Very good so far.

In other thing I am thinking of selling my HoH vol 1 and 2 as I never play tournies and have read these books a couple of times. It is also because when I signed up with Stox I got a free gift which I choose was Profesional No Limit Holdem. I have heard great reviews about PNLH and hope to read it atleast once by the end of the month.

The break was great and im back looking to win lots of money.

GL to you and me,