Friday, 7 March 2008

Grinding My Way Back

So ive read zachs latest blog and commented but that fucked up and im to lazy to rewrite the lengthy comment but he talks about some stuff that I agree with alot.

The bit about poker being a sustainable income at $30/hour is very true although as I myself have found that grinding 6-8 hours a day is hard for 3 days straight and I cant imagine how people do it 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Zach also touches on how he is wondering what a downswing will do to him psycologically and wether he will be able to play his A game whilst having lost $400 or whatever. I have also struggled in my infamous move up to $50NL where I tilted alot when I got down a couple of buy-ins. Personally i think the best way to combat this is to play on a depper roll. Instead of 20 buy in minimu make it 30 buy ins.

Stox has been continuing to help my game. I have been running steadily at 15-17bb/100 for the last 3K hands without being on anysort of heater and just being dealt average luck. I do notice how bad alot of the SSers are and now realize how easy im going to win their money although I have gotten all-in ahead of 6 SSers with AK p/f and lost all 6 times. I guess that means im fulfilling my true winrate potential?

Im back 16 tabling and am winning a very cool $35/hour at $25NL which is an amazing winrate which I am confident I can keep up or improve over the next month as I will continue to watch stox videos and analyse my game.

March so far(updated)
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Shinedown45 said...

How are you doing now?
Nice winrate munchrs, keep it up and soon you won't have to work anymore as you will be able to make poker your main source of income, good-luck to you in the future.
BTW, I have put up a new post, not very informative or educational but a nice pic though :)

Zach said...

What's an SSer?

Looking real good though, I agree with you on the bankroll requirement, especially for someone treating it as a semi-job, I think the requirements are much stricter than the 20 max buy-ins, I would even go as strict as 40 or even 50 max buy-ins once you get to a point where you're making enough money to be comfortable (it'd be hard making $5-10/hour at 10nl and continuing to play until you have $1250).

A few questions:

1. Stox poker: would you say it's worth it? What kinds of videos do they have? I'm considering a subscription but I'd like some input from people who've done it.

2. You mentioned playing time, just curious but how much do you play typically (like hours/day and days/week)? Thinking about it I'm thinking the best format would be 2 sessions of 2-3 hours 7 days a week (of course a few days off now and then). That way I could wake up, play some poker, do whatever the rest of the day, have fun, run, bike-ride, something baseball-related, and then late at night play the second session. You just mentioned 6-8 hours/day for several days in a row, just wondering what you usually do.

Great win-rate, hopefully you can keep it up and not run cold next time you try to take a crack at 50nl. It's great to have something like poker as a source of income, the flexible hours can be both amazing and horrible at the same time. On the one hand you can work whenever you want but on the other hand it's just as easy to be lazy and not do it at all or as often as you should. But I think that makes it even more of a preparation for life, the opportunity's there, but it takes hard work and discipline to achieve your goals. Good luck.

Munchrs said...


SSer = Short Stacker (20bb buy in).

1. Stox is like the bible, definately worth it. + they have 7 day money back garentee thing, so if you dont like it you dont pay for it.

2. Average weekday is about 1.5 hours. 2-3 times that on weekends.

I usually do a session from 8-12 and one later at like 2-4 or 5.

If I could play later in the night i would do my 2nd session there but because of time differences its less profitable.

Oh and $50NL is Nit infested.