Sunday, 16 March 2008


Long time since the last update. My apoligies.

After my good start I decided to hit the $50NL tables for another "shot". Good bye profits.

I have started playing 10 tables of 100nl and buying in Short Stacked(SS). It has been going well and putting some profits back in my BR. It has also meant that im earning VPPs faster so hopefull I will make Platinium this month. Only 6k VPP to go.

Heres a pretty little graph :)

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Heres the 100nl.

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In other news, I have played some $4.40 180 man donkaments, the play is horrible and I managed to make the final table of the 2nd one I played and come 6th when my AJ < A9 all-in P/f.

Mood swings have coincided with poker swings and things arnt the best at the moment but i will get back on track and control my emotions.

SS'ing is fun :D

Hope you all have good luck.

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Zach said...

lol, can't profit at 50nl, let's play 100nl ;).

But hey, if it works, no reason not to do it. I've found shortstack strategy really does work, you'll just experience lots of swings (which will be small since you bought in short) as it seems you've noticed. Sounds like you'll have no problem making platinum this month. Sounds like it's going pretty well besides the 50nl, are you just hitting really bad luck when you try it? Anyway the VIP bonuses are really good, if you can consistently hit platinum to the point where you're a supernova you'll be making $500+/month on top of the (hopefully positive) profit. Not too shabby :)