Tuesday, 24 June 2008

deposit bonus and leaving pokerstars

So the reason I havnt played recently and hence havnt posted recently eithe ris that I have been in the process of transferring my funds off pokerstars and onto the ipoker network under the sit NoIQ Poker.

NoIQ Poker is by far one of the best poker sites on the ipoker network, think of Full tilt and pokerstars combined just with less traffic and slightly worse software. It has a similar VIP system as stars but it is easier to accumulate FPP so I should be able to achive the 60k needed within the 90days to unlock my $600 deposit bonus.

Along with the FPP accumulator which increase the same way as stars with a multiplier evertime you reach a milestone in a month period and the $600 bonus, which requires 60k worth of FPP earned. THe good thing is it is effectively worth about $1200 as you dont loose the 60k FPP earned to unlock your deposit bonus when you have earnt enough and these can then be traded in for more $. If you get the jist of that :)

I am also going to start seriosly playing 1/2 6max limit as multitabling on ipoker is slightly harder than stars due to software but i am going to view that as a good thing as now i will have more time to make better decisions on my hands and increase my bb/100.

So i just put the deposit on today, played a couple of hours and have 300FPP so i am thinking with the free time I will soon have that this may be doable in less than 90 days.

Hopefully i can bonus whore my way up to higher limits and utilise the monthly reload bonus of 20% up to $200 that NoiQ offers!

Friday, 20 June 2008


The varience in 6max is hilarious. It is truly like a rollercoaster, atleast for now im on the uphill part! Played some more pokers, am up to 7k hands of 6max.

Had a fucking meg session today and despite playing horribly in a few spot managed to cream it at 26bb/100 over 1300 hands. So i am very happy as it has taken my BR up over the $800 mark so now al I need is to keep on winning and I will be doing very well to get a shot in at 50nl!

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AK flopped straight and villian pretty much gifts me 100bb.

AJ outplays - Here I just have to put villian on AK as both times he has had AA he slowplayed until the river without 3betting p/f so i just dont put him on having the balls to get it in with AK or AQ for that matter here.

KT tripple barrel - 3 street bluff on a relative caling station who gave up on the river alot, I like it can you guess what they had?(FD?)

45s played bad - im just hating this hand, couldnt hav ebeen played worse IMO.

I havnt played much omaha but im making a little over $30/hr at 25nl 6max holdem so I havn't really been motivated to play any Omaha lately, although I did manage to play some on party with my $5.54 on there, that is now $5 so no real change there, at one point it was $25 but i got a FH in against a higer FH and thats poker baby.

I noticed that there was 2 blog posts that I wrote before my last one that have been saved but never published, I actually thought they had been published but obviously my technoligicaly illiterate self couldnt work out they haddnt, so it is no surprise that there has been requests for more updates.

GL for now and hopefully I will actually publish my updates in future :D

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Munchers Royale

So in my last blog I mentioned that I had been playing some 6max and whatnot. Wll to put it bluntly it isnt go to shabby. I have have relatively decent succes and will look into ways of dealing with the varience that has ensued.

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So theres my graph, as you can see, its nice and peachy for the first 1200 and then relatively break even for the rest, but im not too worried as bw07507 was winning at around $3.25/100 and as you can see I am at $3.09/100 which is very cool.

Im still a bit unsure as to what type of stats are premium at 25nl 6max but im thinking something in the area of 19/15 or 13 are not at all bad to aim for as they make relative adjustments compared to my 15/9 FR and also keeps me playing a tight game as there are a bucket load of cabbages playing the 25nl games.

This is one of the more interesting hands, i put him on a flopped 2 pair and figured the 5 had him counterfieghted on the turn, wasnt to far off. Nice 100bb up!

Meanwhile in omahaha i had probably the greatest hand I will ever get, no wait there is no hand that I could possibly have lost to haha! Horrible cooler for the other chap and he reacted as you would expect in the chat box with a flurry of descriptive comments about various body parts of mine and my sexuality... enjoy!

Buying in for half a stack and playing the 25c/50c PLO tables is alot of fun, certainly seems to make more money than buying in for $25 at the 25PLO tables.

So as the month continues I will hopefull manage 10k more 6max hands and get my roll up to the wonderfull $1k mark.


Saturday, 14 June 2008

New Start, new plan and a protege?

So recently I had an uber fucking blow up lost most of my roll and shot back down to 10nl with $300. I have no desire to go into details but there is an interesting post in the PS cashgame rgs thread on CC that sort of details my frustration. Thank you Icemonkey for requesting a blog update. I need to get my A into G and do more of these blogs as the are quite good for my spiritual or mental well beeing, yeah right. Unless your from NZ you will not understand the tui joke but I have a lovely picture of some of their billboards for you!

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Anyway moving back to the shit tha tmatters, poker. I started playing 6max holdem and it went bloody well achiving a 20bb/100 and 10nl and so far a 46bb/100 at 25nl, admitedly only over 1400 hands but whou cares its still awsome seening as though im now back up to $720 in my account. Hopefully i will continue to get good results and improve my 6max and move up with the help of bw who i am trying to do a coaching session with so he can help show me some of the more 6max specific plays.

Speaking of coaching, custo whos blog is (apparently not on my list??) has requseted tha tI help him improve his FR play and move out of the 1c/2c level. I was very enthusiastic about this mostly as he was so enthusiastic and comprenhensive in his PM to me. I will definatel keep you guys updated on what is going on there and hopefully post some hands of his that I analyse. I think that coaching him will really improve my game as I will be forced to question my own methods and strategies which should be fun and interesting. Maybe some good threads will be started in the strat section on CC, you never know.

With my newfound enthusiasm(thanks custo/icemonkey/bw) for poker and learning I am excited as to what lays ahead for me and to what I am going to achieve. Poker is a great game and I am truly greatfull for what it has taught me about life in general aswell as many other skills which will not be lost on my journey through the poker world and ofcourse the real world.

To all of you out there who read, please comment and make me feel special. You never know when you will be needing and pick me up and who will be around to help you pick your arse up and slap you in the face and tell you to "stop fucking around and sort your shit out because you are wasting your fucking time doing this bull shit!"