Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Munchers Royale

So in my last blog I mentioned that I had been playing some 6max and whatnot. Wll to put it bluntly it isnt go to shabby. I have have relatively decent succes and will look into ways of dealing with the varience that has ensued.

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So theres my graph, as you can see, its nice and peachy for the first 1200 and then relatively break even for the rest, but im not too worried as bw07507 was winning at around $3.25/100 and as you can see I am at $3.09/100 which is very cool.

Im still a bit unsure as to what type of stats are premium at 25nl 6max but im thinking something in the area of 19/15 or 13 are not at all bad to aim for as they make relative adjustments compared to my 15/9 FR and also keeps me playing a tight game as there are a bucket load of cabbages playing the 25nl games.

This is one of the more interesting hands, i put him on a flopped 2 pair and figured the 5 had him counterfieghted on the turn, wasnt to far off. Nice 100bb up!

Meanwhile in omahaha i had probably the greatest hand I will ever get, no wait there is no hand that I could possibly have lost to haha! Horrible cooler for the other chap and he reacted as you would expect in the chat box with a flurry of descriptive comments about various body parts of mine and my sexuality... enjoy!

Buying in for half a stack and playing the 25c/50c PLO tables is alot of fun, certainly seems to make more money than buying in for $25 at the 25PLO tables.

So as the month continues I will hopefull manage 10k more 6max hands and get my roll up to the wonderfull $1k mark.


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