Sunday, 4 January 2009

Christmas Gift arrives Late but is a good one.

A few days ago a brown package arrived for my brother, unbeknown to me it was infact the very christmas present that I had been given the IOU for on christmas day. In his generosity My brother decided he would let me open the package as he couldnt be bothered wrapping it up in christmas paper. I eagerly tore into the package only to find it so well sealed that my 'tough guy' fingers where unfathomably to me not strong enought to actually pull the stupid brown packaging apart.

"Go forth and get me scissors!" i commanded, after a blank stare from my mother and brother I ended up going to get the scissors myself and finaly manged to get into this mysterious parcell. It was definately worth the wait, as what i found inside was a book entilted "How to Learn Chip Tricks!"

I met this with entrigue and curiosity as I had seen many chip tricks performed by pros and whatnot on ESPN but had always found them extremly difficult to imitate and really given up ever trying to a long time ago. But as i skimme dthe first few pages and hone my dexterity and chip skills I began to get the hang of the first chip trick.

3 hours later I felt I had comfortably mastered the thumb roll and moved on to trick number 2. Another 2 hours and I had this down pat. I continued practicing every seccond I could and can now do the 5 most basic trick with some speed and agilit and usually verl few errors.

Hopefully by the time i can play in a casino I will have hone my skills to the point where I can do the butterfly on both hands at once without fear of dropping the chips and looking a foll!

Munchers "To DO List!"

I have come to the stark realiziation that I need to sort my shit out. I need to straighten out my mental. physical and social state that I'm currently in to try and improve on my happiness and quality of life, which at the moment could be better as I dont do alot all day and waste far to much time than do anything else constructive. So i figure the best way to do this is to make a list of things I need to do;

To DO List!

  1. Tidy up my room and house.
  2. Limit myself to no more than 2 insults or negative comments to others a day for the rest of next week.
  3. Waste less time reading random shit on the internet, rather spend that time doing more construtive things stated below.
  4. Play more poker. Sticking to my plan to gring .5/1 LHE.
  5. Play some more online Risk because its soo freaking addictive.
  6. Do regular 30min+ exercise sessions everday until I go back to school.
  7. Spend atleast 20min+ a day working with the football to improve my touch and footspeed.
  8. Eat 3 regular meals each and every day.
  9. Clean, wash and kepp self hygenic and shower atleast once a day.
  10. Be happy and positve.

Friday, 2 January 2009

2008 is over.

So 2008 was a realtively successful year for me poker wise. Through Poker I managed to win about 2.5K at an estimate starting with $0. I managed to pay for a trip to england solely from my poker winnings which is what makes me very proud of the fact that poker has become a viable source of side income for me, alhtough very meagre at this current stage. Im still unsure as to what games I like best but I have decided that it is not NL holdem cash games. Proabably Limit Holdem and SNGs will be my main games this year throwing in an MTT and hopefully a few sunday majors.

Idealy I woul like Neteller to hurry up and email me back so I can get my $400 off them as they have frozen my account when I reched the transaction limit and a soo slow at verifying it. Once the do i think i will withdraw down to $300 and grin .5/1 LHE 6max until I got enough to give 1/2 a shot.

Once I get my money on stars Im never moving it to anothe rsite again as they all seem to have this habit of frezzing accounts for apparently no reason where as stars is reliable and by far the best site to play on.