Sunday, 4 January 2009

Christmas Gift arrives Late but is a good one.

A few days ago a brown package arrived for my brother, unbeknown to me it was infact the very christmas present that I had been given the IOU for on christmas day. In his generosity My brother decided he would let me open the package as he couldnt be bothered wrapping it up in christmas paper. I eagerly tore into the package only to find it so well sealed that my 'tough guy' fingers where unfathomably to me not strong enought to actually pull the stupid brown packaging apart.

"Go forth and get me scissors!" i commanded, after a blank stare from my mother and brother I ended up going to get the scissors myself and finaly manged to get into this mysterious parcell. It was definately worth the wait, as what i found inside was a book entilted "How to Learn Chip Tricks!"

I met this with entrigue and curiosity as I had seen many chip tricks performed by pros and whatnot on ESPN but had always found them extremly difficult to imitate and really given up ever trying to a long time ago. But as i skimme dthe first few pages and hone my dexterity and chip skills I began to get the hang of the first chip trick.

3 hours later I felt I had comfortably mastered the thumb roll and moved on to trick number 2. Another 2 hours and I had this down pat. I continued practicing every seccond I could and can now do the 5 most basic trick with some speed and agilit and usually verl few errors.

Hopefully by the time i can play in a casino I will have hone my skills to the point where I can do the butterfly on both hands at once without fear of dropping the chips and looking a foll!

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KC said...

I've never been big on chip tricks, actually. I figure you have two choices. One, let them think you don't know what you are doing (which means, don't do chip tricks), or two, try to intimidate them. I guess the chip tricks might work for number two, but strong play seems to work better.