Wednesday, 2 July 2008


When blogging feels like a chore I just have no desire to do chores, poker is a fun way for me to make some extra money and blogging was supposed to add to that fun. So dont expect regular updates form me as im lazy(means i will be good a poker right? just sit all day??) and dont like doing chores.

In the last few days my roll on ipoker has depleted to a whooping $192.62 and i am pissed. Fortunately some chap on 2p2 accepting my application to ge tstaked for 25nl FR and i will be grinding it out on there for 50k hands over the next month or so. Hopefully I will be able to rack up the VPP as well and take advantage of the double vpp promo that is going on.

I have also decide that I need to focus more and stick to my game of nl cash. I need to study poker and learn more so expect to see more posting in the RA threads and hopefully some stuff will be taught and learnt.



bw07507 said...

Hey munchers, Ive been running pretty good at 25NL with a 8.3 PTBB/100 winrate over 20k hands. Only 3300 hands at 10NL, but ran at 3.26 PTBB/100. Took a shot at 50NL today, ran at -2.05PTBB/100 over 3k hands. Im not sure if im gonna keep tryin or go back to 25NL for awhile.

Jay said...

Hey Much, gl with the staking m8. Keep us posted.