Sunday, 24 August 2008

its up to me to not whack my own thumb

I have hit the wall recently, like an olympian marathon runner it has all just gotten to much and I cant go on. Quiting poker seriously crossed my mind recently and I was on the verge of doing it cashing out around $500 of my $800 roll.

Fortunately for CCers I have rethought, or should I say unfortunately seeing as though I am now going to end up pawning them in CC events! Just kidding im not that good.

I have decided once again, that my discipline is not enough for strenous cash game grinds, I simply do not have the concentration span to sit there playing 20 tables of 25nl for hours upon hours every month, I instead prefer the thrill of going deep in tournies and having 'it all on the river' to see if I can win big or go home with a min cash.

I intend to play pretty much turbo SNGs and a range of MTTs mostly the $4 when I have time but otherwise the 9 18 and 45 man sngs will be my home. I really want to progress my poker game upto something that resembles a decent winrate and this is the best way I know how.

My SNG game was always very good, right from when I first started playing play chips I played SNGs because it offered the oppourtunity to make the most play chips the fastest via the 80k SNGs and I think i should carry that over to my real play now where I have had realtively good succes over my low volume of 1200 or so sngs.

I really fell a new invigoration for poke and am a bit more determined to make it succesful especiall as the christmas holidays approach and I intend to play aroun 500 SNGs a week at a decent level so as to be earning over $1000 a week which is phenominal for me who has never been payed anything more than $12.50 and hour or minimum fucking wage.

i couldnt give a crap at how cliche i am about to sound but it is really soo true especially in my case; I have been given all the fucking tolls you would ever nedd, its up to me to not whack my own thumb and make something really fucking awesome!

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