Tuesday, 5 February 2008

$1000 Milestone

Yesterday marked an awesome milestone in my poker career. I oficially have a $1003.78 bankroll! This relizeation was accompanied by various phrase and action including the famous "yea baby!", "pass the sugar" both of which were paid there respects with a heart fist pumping session which lasted about 0.13334 of the 2 hour poker session.

After my last blog and the comments of how well i was doing, i espicially enjoyed zachs and chucks. Zach thinks that I may be doing something right to be winning at the rate I am. Whilst Chuck seems to think im going to be playing $100nl in the near future. Whilst i have every intention of doing things right in poker i have no intention of moving up to $100nl even if i had the roll because the plan as you will notice in my goals for 2008 i say that i wish to cashout 3.5k for my trip. So i think i will use the 50/50 bankroll build method.

The 50/50 bankroll build method is where you play for a set period of time at the stakes you want to play or the stakes you currently have a bankroll for. At the end of that set time period(in my case a week) you take 50% of your profit and cash it out. The other 50% goes towards building your bankroll. This method also aids in stopping you progressing to quickly through the stake levels as skill will naturally develop slower than your bankroll.

I will leave you with my january so far graph of winnings.

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vizer02 said...

Hey, nice blog you have going here. Congrats on reaching the $1,000 milestone, and hopefully there will be many more for you. Your graph is pretty sick by the way!


Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...

Congratulations! is all I got to say...

Anonymous said...

Awesome, man. Things are looking up up up!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! good luck at the table! hopefully you'll reach 10K soon!