Thursday, 14 February 2008

Moving Up

Sorry for not having posted in a while my life has been very hectic with school work and that sort of thing. Although I have managed to play some Poker amoungst all that, but not find time for my blog. Prioritize people!

Poker Playing

In the last week or 5 days or whatever it was since I posted last, I have manged to put in another 1k hands at $25 NL which gave my the $1200 Bankroll to move on up to $50NL. I have played 3k hands at $50NL so far and have played pretty averagely.

At the start I was very timid and generally playing way to weak/tight to make any money. I have "aggro-ed" my betting up a bit and managed to play a little bit better. I think i still need to be betting a bit more agrresively on c-bet/semi-bluffs as I usually try to keep the bets small so as to not loose to much when I do get called/raised.

The major differences I am finding is that the number of solid regulars on $50NL is way more than $25NL. What this means for me is I need to be more selective on which hands I play against which opponents. It also means that I will need to vary my play more from the abc style that worked well at $25NL to a more unconventional variation of playing so as to make it harder for me to read. I may even revert to using a Random Number Generator to tell me what % of the pot to bet so that my bets will appear erratic and make it insanely hard for the multi-tabling regulars to read me. Although I dont think I will be doing this in the short term future.

Another thing I am finding with $50NL is that stacking off pre-flop is becoming very unprofitable with hands other than KK/AA. Hands like AK/QQ are more on the marginal, "wait to see a safe flop then go all-in" side of things that the "all in pre-flop! Yea baby!" side. Addmitadely this is majorly due to the number of Tight regulars that are playin $50NL.

Another game, Pot-Limit Omaha has been taking my fancy. I have played about 10k hands across various limits previously but this time I really read up on the strategey and jumped into some $506max PLO games and didnt do to badly netting myself just over $100 profit in about 450 hands.

Here ars some pretty graphs of my play:

$25NL-Complete record of all my hands at this limit

Free Image Hosting at

$50NL-First 3k hands, notice the start where i was weak/tight.

Free Image Hosting at

$50PLO, Heater?

EDIT: Dont Know why but this image wont upload so i cant show you the graph :(

Audio Blogiin/Video etc.

The vidoe that zach wanted me to make probably will never make it to the big screen and the same with the audio blog(but to the big speaker?) as it will take alot of upload space and I only have limited internet usage.

Alternatively Grundy from Cardschat approached me and asked me if I would like to cross post on our blogs. I happily agreed and we will have each others post up on our blogs by next week. So watch this space for the wisdom of Grundy!

In other things I managed to add some more links to my Blog list. There are a few new ones on there, so check them out. They are all from people who play around the same stakes as me.

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LuckyStraights said...


I'm interested in PLO myself, but haven't faired too positively with it yet.

Could you provide a link to the strategy article you mentioned please?


Munchrs said...

I used a range of articles,

Munchrs said...

I used a range of articles,

Munchrs said...

I used a range of articles,