Friday, 8 February 2008

A Downswing, Bad Play and getting a Poker Education

So the last three days of poker have seen various things go on. I have had my downswing that was inevitable considering my winrate. The downswing was also partly due to monkey tilt which can account for about 65% of the money lost during the downswing. Some amazing bad luck with big pocket pairs also attributed to part of my losses. A 24 hour stand down saw me ralling to get educated more on poker and some different concepts hopefully stretching my mind while allowing me to play better.

The Downswing

Wednesday was New Zealands National day (Waitangi Day) and also a public holiday. It saw me play alot of hands whilst not playing my best poker. I put in 3500 hands on wednesday and had a grand total og $140 lost of which about $90 was bad plays.

Here a some of the hands that i played badly:

AQ is well overplayed against a nit with 12/4/1.5 stats.

Badly Played KK, tried to slowplay and let him catch up.

Shoving TT on river with 2 overs and a paired board.

Feel free to analyze on what the better plays in these situations are.

I alos witnessed my fair share of bad luck with my big pocket pairs during the donwswing.

AA cracked by 2 outer

QQ gets flushed out.


KK runs into AA grrr.

As you will notice(in the not so pretty anymore graph below) all these unlucky hands came at once, the start of todays session actually. Fortunately I was able to not tilt by disciplining myself better and managed to scrape out $31.50 profit over 2 hours play. So turned into a nice $15.75 an hour profit. My winrate has dropped vastly from the 25bb/100(PL&NL) to 14bb/100(PL&NL). I tried to stick to NL as my PLbb/100 is 6 coampred to 16bb/100 at NL.

Pretty graph, note between 14k and 15k is the unlucky hands shown above.

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Getting a Poker Education

So after deciding to read up some on strategey and such i found this thread by chuckTs on cardschat.

His thread does a verg good job at demonstrating and explaing Pot Control and Commitment Bets. It also led me to this thread which talks about the wb/wa concept. Either being way ahead or way behind in the hand. Both are goo threads and inspired me to read more into the CradsChat Golden Archieves.

Videos and Audio Blogging

In other things I have been trying to make a video of me 16 tabling $25NL as suggested by Zachvac on CardsChat. I have got the trial version of Camtasia studio 5 but am running into problems with the cursor flickering on and off my screen making the play whilst reccording very difficult.

I am also trying to figure out how to upload an audio file to my blog of me talking about whats going on ind=stead of writing it. So far i can record my blogcast but cant upload it.

If anyone can help on thes two things it would be much apreciated.



Zach said...

You knew the downswing was coming, the determination of your success will be how you handle it. Seems as if you're handling it well, hopefully you can bounce back.

On videos, I have no idea about camtasia, but if you get camstudio it's pretty easy to use and best of all free.

As for uploading, just upload it to somewhere like megaupload and then link to it from somewhere.

The ~$200 drop in about 100-200 hands doesn't look good, but it looks like you're bouncing back and the graph's going in the right direction. Good luck.

Hackers238 said...

It's funny you mention the article, because it's what prompted me to make the post in the first place!

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

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