Friday, 22 February 2008


So its been a loong time since I last updated. My apoligies but recently I have not felt compelled to write. In a sentance, I'm lazy.

The poke has been going as good as I could have hoped for. Have manged to get up to just over 30k hands at $25NL/PL for something like $1260 profit and I am running at 16bb/100 or $4/100 anyway you can see all that in the graph.

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Yesterday I had 2 teeth extracted so I stayed home and played poker and did nothing much really. Was quite fun and boring at the same time. Managed to get up $93.45 over 4700 hands in 5 hours of play. Not to bad averaging like $18/hour.

Hopefully this month I will achieve Platinum star. I only need 3900 more VPP and I am doing virtually noting all weeken so I am going for 10k+ hands.

During the last week I cashed out $217.43 to help pay for my new monitor. Since then im up another $150 or so.

I have an awsome new Acer 24" HD LCD Monitor which will tile 12 tables with no overlap so I run that alongside my 19" and fit 16 easily. If I want to I can tile 16 on the Acer with a bit of overlap but the tables are tiny and hard to read.

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In future I think I will update more regularly and not be compelled to write an uber post each time.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment Munchrs! seldom people leave comment on my blog and i really appreciate it. Good luck multi-tabling!


Anonymous said...

Nice mousemat :D
Oh and nice monitor too, gl !