Saturday, 2 February 2008

Poker, Life and an update.

Over the last few days I have sorted my shit out so to speak. I haves stoped playing any other games apart from NLHE cash. Mainly because most other games are breakeven or -EV for me. i personally find myself to be exceptionally bad at tourneys and SNG's. I think this is due largely to the fact that recently i have played a vast majority of cashgames rather than tournaments.

Tournaments aside my move up to $25NL full-ring could be considered extremely productive, whilst it is only a 5K hand sample it is still a very nice win rate of 39.81bb/100 which spreed over my regular 16 tables means that I am running at $65.25/hour, admitadely only over 8 hours of play but i will take what im given.

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Goals Update

So it was a day late but i managed to achieve and surpass my goal of a $750 Bankroll by 1/2/08. I currently have a very nice Bankroll and will be looking to hit $1200+ and atleast 15k-20k hands at $25NL before moving up to $50NL.

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I had been raking in FPP points(helped by my Gold Star Status), unfortunately i wasted 5400 on a sunday mill satty where the top 4 of 10 entrants recieve the $216 entry fee. I placed 6th when my AQs<99. I think that it may be possible to almost fold your way to the top 4 in these, although i really havnt had much expierence in the tourneys myself. Then turbo format seems to make players push to early on in the tournament at around level 4 it seemed that the game had become an all-in or fold.

I looked into to StoxPoker Training and i think when my bankroll hits enough for me to be able to purchase a 6month subscription and be properly rolled for $50NL I will buy the 6 montht subscription via Pokerstars transfer and along with it get "Professional No Limit Holdem", both which should vastly improve my game.

In things outside of poker I have taken up an interest in betting on competitions me and my Dad have. We often go out and have a game of tennis which I usually win although there was 1 time... I asked Dad if he wanted to play for $10 a match and he agreed so our next tennis game the stakes will be raised, but it should also add a more competive edge which is alsways fun.

I have also become interested in clay bird shooting and will be joining a team that shoots every week at the gun club and apparently they have a competition which is never a bad thing. I think living on a farm is a great thing, I mean how many people can just decide that they are gona shhot clay birds of their front lawn without some damn neighbour calling the cops? Admitadely I need to improve my shooting alot to be competive with Dad and other members of the Gun Club so I dont think I will be prop betting on that for a long time.

Today saw the NZI Wellingting Rugby Sevens commence with, I am gratefull to say, New Zealand winning the final in the last minute with a great try. WOOHOO!!!

Life is good, poker is good. For now.


SeekingSuccess said...

Looks great, keep up the good work.

I'ma professional poker player myself and the owner of a pretty well established poker community.

If you want to start blogging about poker at, write it in a comment and I'll get back to you.



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Munchrs said...

Hey i would very much like to start blogging at your site. Please post the info as a comment here :D


Zach said...

1. That's a ridiculous win rate, $500+ in 8 hours is insane. Although yes that is an upswing and there's probably no way you can even expect to keep half that rate up long-term, it sure means you're doing something right. Bad or even average players don't have streaks like that.

2. I've started 12-tabling, I guess if you're 16-tabling 25nl we should run into each other a good amount, depending on what time of day we each play (actually I just looked up in PT and we played for about half an hour at the same table a few days ago).

3. Looks like we may also be moving up to 50nl at about the same time. Hopefully we can continue our success there

4. Australian dates are strange, I definitely thought your goal of $750 was supposed to be done by the 2nd of January (1/2/08)

Anyway, nice reading your blog and definitely nice to see you're doing so well. Keep it up :)

Munchrs said...

Australian dates Zach? God no im New Zealander please dont confuse the 2.

Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...

Congrats... sound like life is going great for you.

ChuckTs said...

Glad to see you guys are moving up so quickly and doing so well. Looks like me and Liam might be seeing you up at 100nl in no time :)

Oh, and munchrs, if you do end up getting a subscription to stox you could help a brother out and use me as your referral :)

I hate spamming for referrals, but just by entering my name when you sign up there I get 3 months free :/

Anyways glad everything's going well and I'll be it'll go even better when you get that stox sub. Let me know how you like the site when/if you sign up, I can fill you in on what the better vids are :)