Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Monkey Tilt

Today was my worst day ever. I lost $500 and my BR has dropped to $900 afeter having a nice upswing just prior to this.

I have self excluded myself from playing and will hopefully get away from poker and come back fresher and playing better.

On a nicer note I see im still up $700 on the month so im not overly disgusted.


So I finally got my subscription to Stoxpoker and will be looking to utulize their videos in improving my play. On chucks advice I am going to watch Ed Millers Holdem Made Simple Series first as he says it was the most helpfull.

I am really quite annoyed with myself at the moment and am quite frankly hating that I loost $500 in one day and about 1.5k hands. It was rediculous the amount of times people sucked out on my sets with overpairs and FD and SD.

Unfortunatly all this bad luck ahs come at the time I am trying to move up and for my total 9k hands at $50NL im running at $550 down compared to my Sklansky Bucks which sucks balls IMO.

I intend to step back down to $25NL and grind that only for the next month and hopefully I can cash out in the region of $700+ which shouldnt be to hard as I run at around $400/10k hands.

$25NL-$300/10k hands is sutainable IMO not sure about $400 :P

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$50NL hmmmm, thourgly out played?

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Milkman said...

Sorry to hear that... I am in the same boat as you as i also have droppd to $900 from $1300.00... I am in the process of creating my own blog as you recommended. See you on cardschat...Keep your head up and remember PATIENCE AND CONTROL!!!! Good Luck

ChuckTs said...

Sounds like you're in a real slump right now Munchrs...smart move self-excluding yourself from playing.

Watch some stox videos, take notes (literally - especially from the classroom vids), and after your mind is *completely* clear boot up PT and take a very objective look at the big hands you lost today. Hopefully you'll find it was all coolers and beats, or that you'll find your leak and plug it.

Better luck in the future bud, hope to see a positive blog entry soon.


Zach said...

Sounds like a bad day. I have a few questions though:

1. In comparing with sklansky bucks did you use total winnings or showdown winnings? I made the mistake of trying to compare total winnings with sklansky bucks and thinking I was running hundreds below my expected as well.
2. can you honestly consistently win at $400/10k hands? If you can that's amazing, if you were to work full time (40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year) and assuming that you do about 1k hands/hour (you probably do more than that at 16-tabling), that's $80k a year. That's amazing.

Seems like you're hitting the bad runs at just the wrong times, right when you've moved up. Just keep at it and hope you can get back to winning again.


Anders Damm Christensen said...


Had a bad run too, but finaly got back up - check out my blog - there might be some tools , that you might find usefull for your own pokerblog: http://within1000days.com

Hackers238 said...

$400/10K is sustainable... it comes out to 8 ptBB/100 at NL25, and check this out:


Scroll down to see MT2R rocking 8 pt/BB over 20K hands. Definitely doable, but I would say the absolute goal.