Sunday, 6 January 2008

2008 Goals

Ok so i decided to post my 2008 poker goals before I lost the piece of paper i wrote them on. So here they are ...

1) Have $750 Bankroll on Pokerstars by 01/02/08.
2) Achieve Silver star status in January.
3) Have a $1500 Bankroll on Pokerstars by 01/03/08.
4) Achieve Gold Star status in Febuary.
5) Achiev platinum star status for 3 months in late 2008.
6) Cashout $3.5k by August to pay for trip.
7) Become loyaler.
8) Get some profesional poker coaching and/or subscription to coaching videos.

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tenbob said...

Just gave you a linky :) Nice work on the blog :)