Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Pyschological Leaks

Ok my game is going to be put under serious sqruntiny in the next week or so.
I intend to plow throug The Poker Tracker guide i mentione din my last post. Then im going to re-read "The Pyschology of Poker" and hopefully it will improve my overall play/winrate.

A serious leak is being to short-term results orientated. Poker is not about the short-term, its not about how this particular hand ends or this particular week, its about playing the best for every situation and waiting for the good results to come. And they will come aslong as you are playing Mathmatically/psychologicaly sollid poker. Using a mixture of reads and probability to make the best decisions most of the time is what it takes to be a good poker player. The amount of bad decions you make will define how great a plyer you become.

Another leak is being statistically orientated. I seem to feel the need to play a 700 or 800 hands an hour whilst I would probably earn around 2/3 the amount of money playing 8 tables instead of 16 and making better decision and Overall playing better.

A player should focus on playing the optimal strategey for every situation based on the information you have at hand to make money in the long-run over a statistically significant amount of hands.

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