Saturday, 12 January 2008

New Plan

For the last month or so ive been grinding Full ring cash games and prfited around $200 from it. In the last week or so I have stoped winning and started loosing, wether this is a downswing or not it is over a not 8k hand selection.

I think one of my problems is always playing the same game, same conditions and often same opponents. So I have decided to go back to Sit n Go's.

I will be playing what are my best sit n go's. The $5.50 18 man and the $6.60 6max No Limit Holdem Sit n go's.

I will be implemeting the 50 buy-in Bankroll manangement plan. Heres how it will look.

Bankroll-----max Buy-in allowed------Move Down mark.
$300----------------$7-----------------None(under $5.50 is to high rake)

I have also decided to bonus whore the ipoker network sites and take advantage of the easier poker games on their that are full of fish. I will probably take all my money to titan and get their bonus by playing $10NL again(if there wernt so many fish i wouldnt) and the $5.50 6max Sngs.

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