Friday, 18 January 2008

Good Week

It’s been a hectic week this week. I’ve spent most of my mornings helping Mum paint the windows ardor house. This is a mammoth task as we have large roof to floor windows right along the front of our house and they all need 10 coats of wood stain. The good thing is we get a coat on all of the windows by around lunch which leaves the rest of the day free to play poker.

The poker playing has been going very well. I played in a $5.50 PLO8 rebuy on Titan poker, I didn’t rebuy or add on and managed a 2nd place due to my flopped Full House getting beaten by a turned higher full house. That tourney netting me a $117.50 profit.

I have also played some Sit n Go's as promised and run ok managing a small 20% roi. I played mostly $6 9man turbos and 6man Sit n go's which are both donk filled but I always seemed to be the bubble boy or come third/second, which is probably due to bad bubble play on my part and not playing premium ICM value.

The Cash games have slowed down a lot and I am officially converted to No-Limit Holdem 6max. Which is showing fruitful in the early going having played 4k hands at $10NL for around 20bb/100.

I decided today with my Bankroll of $530 to give $25NL 6max a shot. It went very well I managed to avoid bad luck and netted a $27 profit over 400 hands or so 6 tabling. Would have liked to play longer but it was dinner time and I don’t miss meals ;).

I also received an email about the new poker room, which is pretty much Pacific Poker under a different name. I am looking into depositing there as they are the new fish tank now that party seems to have wizened up a bit.

Overall a very good week, seeing my Bankroll go from $300 to $555.83. Hopefully the weekend is just as fruitful for you and me in poker and life.

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