Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Poker Coaching

So ive been looking into poker coaching recently. The results have beeen good i've found numerous coaching sites and have also found the Poker Tracker Guide which ive brought and hope to read tomorrow or later today.

Hopefully Poker Tracker Guide and help me find my own leaks and once i progress up to $25 and $50 NL then i can get some pro poker coaching.

So i played some Omaha hi, didnt do to badly am up $35 over 1200 hands at $10PLO. Basically to beat the players at this level all you need to do is play tight/nitty preflop and nut peddle the flop.

Although i saw one very good player there who raised every hand pre-flop but was an absolute nit post flop. This strategey worked amazingly well. it did 2 main things for him. 1) Gave him a maniac image(because he reaised every hand pre-flop), 2) His opponents payed him off on his good hands as they thought he was a maniac. What they failed to notice(i noticed and i was playing 8 tables lol) was he was a net pedler post flop.

I find $10PLO/NLHE players to be very un-observant, even the good players seem to play their cards alot more than they play there opponets. I can often take advantage of this by C-Beting low flops and "Double Baralleing"(betting the turn if its a blank after you C-Betted the flop). It seems alot of players are more weak tight and agression is where im amking my money at the moment.

GL all,

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