Friday, 26 December 2008

Finaly, I make it back to the black for the month.

After a turbulant month that stated with a big downswong and me loosing $300 or so, I have finaly manged to get my month back to even and then change. In toatal im up around $35 which only happened after a very memorable win in a 36 player $3 rebuy satty to the full tilt $750K on sundays.

This win has me buzzing but I think it is smart to take the T$216 instead of playing as that represents around 30% of my toatal bankroll now.

I havent played as much as I had hoped to so far this month and definately not posted here as much as I had hoped to but with time off and nothing to do for a week or so leading up to and just after new year I intend to make up for it all and pawn some donks.

Merry fucking christmas all!!!

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Custo said...

Nice new layout for the blog here Munch. Wanna crosslink.

Happy new years