Monday, 1 December 2008

November Summary

November was a very nice month for me. I started with $116 in the pokerstars account after going awall again the previous month at the cash tables. This month however i decide that i would take the "fuck cash games sit n go's baby!" approach to things which seems to have wroked out really well for me.

I started off playing $3.40 10 person turbo sit n go's. This was my little jem, i managed to play 100 in a week and get the best score on the high orbit Battle of the planets leaderboard aswell as 43rd on the low orbit leaderboard. This netted me a cool $310 bonus and a ticket to the $50k shootout freeroll but we will get to that later.

After the amazing week playing $3.40's i decided to step it up to $6.50 9 and 18 person sit n go's. This went all right, ended up about $120 more profits. Although my average profit in the 9 person's was less than the $3.40 level but I am putting that down to an insane heater at the $3 level.

However as good as holdem is the varience of turbo sit n go's was getting to me, it became a bit of a grind so for the last 5 or so days of the month i mixed my play around in non turbo, 9, 18, 27, and 45 holdem tournies aswell as Omaha High/Low sit n go's. Both these ventures proved to be fun and equally importantly profitable. I averaged about 30% roi in the holdem games mention but amazinly averaged $7 profit playing $11 Omaha High/Low 9 person sit n go's.

The awsome roi % in the Omaha High/Low sit n go's has really inspired me to play these almost exclusivly and try and play 100 in a week as i would have a great shot a taking out the leaderboards with my current stats in these. The play is terrible and i have made 3rd place numerous times with the short stack when two big stacks got it in against each other. I find i just seem to have the knack for Omaha high/low which makes it the most fun game for me to play, aswell as very profitable. We will see how i am doing with a few hundred more under my belt before we become to elated with the short term results though.

Now, back to the $50k shoot out that i gained entry to. As we speak it is still running and i can see my eliminator still in it which really pisses me off. I had played solid down to HU on the first table of the shootout. The winner would advance to the seccond round and net a cool $195 which is about 25% of my current bankroll. I was at a 2:1 chip disadvantage but manged to build my stack back up and no less than 4 times get it in with dominating hands. A9
As annoying as the $50k shootout was at the end of the day it was only a freeroll and i dont doubt i will be there again next month os all in all I am very pleased with my month in poker and look forward to pawning some donks at the sit n go tables!


Icemonkey9 said...

Very impressive return Munchrs. I hope I see more blog entries from you. I remember yours was my favorite when I first started playing online in January.

I would also love to see you make a turbo STT tutorial video and post on CC!

enty said...

Very nice man, keep it up <3

Jurn8 said...

Hey dude its jurn8 from cardschat here, do you want to crosslink blogs, this is my link if you want to let me know on my blog or PM me on cardschat.

Shinedown45 said...

Just here to wish you a Merry Christmas, hope the holiday's treat you well and wish you all the best in the coming year.