Sunday, 21 September 2008

Big BAD Sunday :(

Sundays plans did not go as well as one may have hoped.

I had a measly 1 cash for $38(16.50 PLO) from 24 tournies. Ended down $240 and decided to not play the last few.

On a brighter note I can pinpoint my reasons for things going so horribly wrong.

1: Middle stages

Probably the worst play ive ever done in MTTs in this area. I usually just try and keep tight if i got 25+ BB and play my strong hands and not pull any moves, but today I played all bluffs and resteals and blew my chis with unnecassary and careless play.

2: Fatigue

I simply cant be starting at 2am so as to get in the deep stack tournie. Need to just skipp some of the really early ones.

3: Tilt

Some tilt from beeing bad beated lead to bad play in other tournies.

Things i think i did well!!(yes there were some)

1:Early(1sthour/rebuy period)

Played this section exceptionally well and usually had atlest double my starting stack of $3k in the freezeouts and about 10-20k after the add on in the rebuys. I especially enjoy the rebuys but just need to work on the Mid game.


Not the most succesful day if i was measuring my current succes in $ terms but intullectualy and as my development as a play it was an absolutely brilliant. It has really evoked some thought and focused me on what a slack bastard I am. My eyes are opened as to what it really means to become good at poker, I need to work much harder on my game if I want to achieve something in poker. I didnt get my big score that i wanted but i did fgure out a mojor reason why i didnt.

Oh well guess im off to reread HOH numerous times.

PS am heading overseas for a few weeks should be fun and allow me to come back fresh and ready to learn some poker!

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