Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Uber downswing, back to the bread and butter.

So since my last post I have gone and uber downswing starting from when i tried to move up in limits. It took my Bankroll all the way down to $300 but I have managed to grind it back to $500 at the moment.

I hope to get a $285 bonus bought and cleared within the next week so I can go back to playin 16-20 tables of 25nl for the two weeks that I wont have any school or anything else on.

During those two weeks I hope to make some significant money by grinding like hell at 25nl and really being disciplined to stay at those limits and make the $25 per hour I know i can make.

As most will know grinding gets tedios after a while so when mr BR hit $300 i decided I needed to play the games that I learnt when i first started poker over a year ago now. Turbo 18 man SNGs!!!. I have been playing the $6.50 and been averaging around $1.5-$2 roi which is very nice seeing as though i play about 10 every hour.

hopefully i will be able to hit the high orbit leader board in the coming weeks and get a nice bonus to go with the FPP ones I will be getting.

Best of luck to me and you!!


Anonymous said...

What happened dude losing 1000 or 80% of your bankroll?

/diedamm - http://within1000days.com

tenbob said...

Yuk, trust me I know the feeling. Every time I've moved up Ive taken a massive hit, the second time you try seems to be easier, and I usually make it by the third attempt. One of these days I will actually hit a big upswing when make the move.


Anonymous said...

the variance is too high IMHO.

You simply cannot come down like that.

I know that in my case is impossible because of my br strategy I never cross : at 1500BB pass i'll get down a level.

I want to play the next month also, you know...

Take care and be very careful with the limits you play

Anonymous said...

well keep at it you'll get there gl on an off the felts

Pud's Poker said...

Good luck with the grind. How have you coped mentally with the downswing? Do you think playing so many tables hinders your game during the difficult times or does it actually seem to help as the hands fly by and you hopefully dig yourself out of it quicker.

Custo said...

Best of luck making the $25 per hour, that would be very impressive.